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"The first recognition on organic cosmetics in Italy created over 10 years ago,  it guarantees compliance with a specification and the use of good practices: - Only plant-based raw materials that are non-allergenic and irritating; - Use of agricultural and livestock products from Organic Farming."

DIGUE® is AIAB certified.

Who is AIAB?
"Italian Organic Farming Association" ("Associazione Italiana Agricoltura Biologica")

Check the DIGUE® certificate;
Certificate Number : 390/CA/2023
ID Number: 102413

The roots of this association lie in the need to create a better world in which the health of the earth and its inhabitants is at the center of every choice.
With the aim of promoting a sustainable development model based on the principles of safeguarding and enhancing resources, respecting the environment and consumer welfare, AIAB is committed to promoting organic farming as a way of cultivating the land that respects the natural balance, avoiding harmful chemicals and favoring natural and sustainable methods.
BIO ECO COSMESI certification is a seal of assurance for consumers who want personal care products made with respect for the environment and health, with hypoallergenic and non-irritating plant raw materials.
Certified cosmetic products adhere to strict raw material selection criteria, limiting the use of environmentally unfriendly substances, promoting the use of ingredients from organic farming, and the absence of ingredients that have little dermocompatibility, toxicity and undesirable effects on humans.

The list of prohibited substances not to be used:

  • PEG, PPG derivatives (surfactants, solubilizers, emollients, solvents etc.);
  • Ethoxylated compounds (surfactants, emulsifiers, solubilizers etc.);
  • Aggressive surfactants that are not very dermocompatible;
  • Substances that can cause environmental and ecological damage;
  • compounds that can give rise to nitrosamines (carcinogens);
  • Animal derivatives such as collagen, tallow, placenta etc;
  • Silicones and silicone derivatives;
  • Acrylic polymers (emulsifiers, rheology modifiers, filming agents, antistatic agents etc.);
  • preservatives such as formaldehyde and its cessators, thiazolinones, phenylmecury derivatives, carbanilides, borates, halogenated phenols, and halogenated cresols;

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